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​No matter the size of your fleet, Logic Freight can help you keep your vehicles on the move and earning, by connecting you with haulage jobs across the UK.



WHEREVER The Location


Empty lorries cost your business money. Logic Freight works with clients across the country to connect your fleet with return loads, meaning your vehicles spend more time earning. Join our network of fleets and owner-drivers today and challenge us to find your first load. 

How It Works

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A win-win solution for an age old logistics problem

Keeping your fleet busy and earning is often a challenge for large fleets and owner-drivers alike. We do the hard work in connecting your lorries with companies in need of haulage solutions, keeping your vehicles on the road to revenue.

From the moment we approve you as a partner, you’ll have access to both part and full load jobs, anywhere in the UK.

Apply To Become A Partner

Start your application in just a few clicks. Have return loads in a matter of days.

You’ll need your company details and a digital copy of your company letterhead and insurance documents to complete this process.